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"Samastha Bhu Mandal Par Satya Sanatan Dharma ki Punah Pratishtha Hokar Sukh, Samruddhi aur Shanti ka Samrajya Prasthapeeth ho evam Asesh Pranimatra Ka kalyan hove Yahi Hamari Kamana hai, kimbhavuna, Yahi Hamara Jeevan Udeyashya Hai."

Let Satya Sanatan Dharma reign-in (be re-established) on planet earth, with happiness, peace and prosperity everywhere and all living forms be blessed, this is MY desire, in fact this, is the purpose of MY being.

Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj
25th December, 1973

Agnihotra Centre Pune

Pancha Sadhan Prachar Kendra (PSPK), Pune is a non-profit mission within the Parkhe Pariwar Trusts. Our aim has been to propagate Agnihotra way of life since last about 50 years, as propounded by Paramsadguru SHREE Gajanan Maharaj, Shivpuri, Akkalkot based on Vedic sciences. SHREE has resuscitated the Vedic practice of Agnihotra from oblivion and propounded the gist of the Vedas in the form of Five-Fold path or Pancha Sadhan Marg, for ultimate benefit of mankind.

Our Centre is a heritage landmark in the heart of Pune, it is a blessed place where SHREE resided, when visiting Pune. The property stands as a true testament and keystone to important Agnihotra activities, milestones and events from the very formative period.

It is the erstwhile home of SHREE’s sister Late. Kamalabai and Baburaoji Parkhe and is now maintained privately by the family, along-with Parkhe Pariwar Trusts. SHREE's omnipresence is felt the very moment one enters His well preserved room in the premises. A visit to this blessed place to witness the divine charge and vibrations is truly a treat.

Contact Us

Pancha Sadhan Prachar Kendra, Pune
Vidya Vilas, Parkhe Trust House,
1183, Fergusson College Road,
Shivajinagar, Pune - 411005
Maharashtra, India
Nr. Police Ground, Inside HDFC Bank Lane

Mobile : +91 94228 77494, +91 94220 34442

Email : info@agnihotra.in

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Our Endeavour

This site is a humble endeavour to spread the divine message of Paramsadguru SHREE Gajanan Maharaj of Shivpuri, Akkalkot. As we collate vast data about SHREE’s epic life and divine message, we intend to update this website section-wise. We request you to keep peeping every few days for any new information that may have been added and also extend your best wishes and kind support in this work. For information about Agnihotra and supplies or for offering your support, feel free to connect via any of the co-ordinates and channels listed here.
Stay Tuned!

- Vinayak Parkhe

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